For the love of cycling.

Racing Club | Brisbane provides three pathways to get involved: social riding, masters level racing, and elite racing. In 2017, Black Sheep is continuing its ongoing commitment to women’s cycling by debuting the Racing Club Elite Women. Consistent with all Black Sheep race teams, this group of girls have been united not just for their cycling prowess but for their positive personalities; commitment to nurturing newcomers and standing both professionally, and in the community.



Nicole Moerig

One of the most experienced cyclists in the Club having raced professionally both in Australia and in Europe, Nicole is also one of the most compassionate, caring and kind bike riders in the Brisbane community. She can often be seen lending a comforting hand to a newcomer or offering words of wisdom to her teammates. “I love racing, and the reality is, I’ll never be without a challenge. But my focus has moved towards quality cycling and the community that surrounds it, so that I’m competitive within the cycling scene but am also able to experience all aspects of life – social, emotional, intellectual and the physical. It’s all about integrating choice back into my life – the choice of where I want to ride, how long I want to ride and who I ride with. Finding this balance with Racing Club | Brisbane will hopefully help me and allow me to help others.”


Zoe Watters

Every team needs a joker in the pack, and ours is Zoe. But her effervescent, infectious personality and light-hearted demeanour should not detract from her ability on the bike. This girl is good. With a good attitude to boot. Introduced to a coach that was passionate about women’s cycling in 2007, she raced her first crit nine months later and then went on to test herself in the National Road Series around Australia. After a two-year hiatus due to professional commitments, she’s back and loving cycling more than ever. “When you’re in kit and on your bike everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter what’s going on off the bike, where you live, what you do, who you are. Every ride is a fresh start. You get to leave it all behind you and go for a ride to focus on the right now, on who you’re shoulder to shoulder with, no social media distraction. It’s real time.”


Jess Large

The humblest cyclist you’ll ever meet. She describes herself as “someone who mistakes doing a couple of river loops every week as athleticism.” But don’t let her modesty fool you. Jess is an incredible cyclist and just took out second overall in Queensland’s three-race Sizzling Summer Series. But rather than concern herself with victories, she’s more passionate about giving back – both professionally and personally and thought The Man Ride was one of the coolest things to have happened in cycling and as an awareness for a cause. She’s now single-minded about creating a similar initiative for women’s cycling. That’s why we like her. She also credits the sport we love for giving her, her closest friendships. “Racing is just a hang out where we ride our bikes faster!”


Kirrily Tutt

A sports dietitian, who works with athletes as well as the general public, and loves her job almost as much as she loves cycling. Kirrily sees the Racing Club | Brisbane Elite Women’s Team as “an active voice in the community, somewhere for women, who might be new to the sport, can come to ask questions, be given guidance and hopefully be inspired to try new things and possibly push themselves out of their comfort zone. I like to have something competitive to push me beyond my comfort zone, and cycling certainly ticks that box – but I also love the social side of the sport, meeting new people from all walks of life, and how cycling brings people together.”





A former professional ski instructor in both Australia and Canada, Julia is an outdoor junkie and first found a pathway into riding bikes through triathlon. But as soon you realised she couldn’t run (by her own admission), she turned her incredible sporting prowess solely to the bike. The Club workhorse, she loves nothing more than sacrificing herself for a teammate. “I’d like for Racing Club | Brisbane to be seen by other cyclists as a team that works really well together, a team that others aspire to be in, one that communicates well and is willing to take on feedback, from both within the team and from external sources.” A hugely competitive person, what Julia really likes about cycling is the fact that when the helmets are off, everyone is friends.



Mairi Mackinnon

Everyone’s favourite Brisbane barista and cafe owner, Mairi grew up on two wheels – the off-road kind – but swapped BMXs and mountain bikes for a roadie about five years ago. A huge supporter of local, wholesome food suppliers and farmers, she is also genuinely passionate about growing the cycling community in Brisbane, particularly for women. She also works dawn to dusk, trains the house down and finds time to walk her pet pooch, Rhum. It’s a busy life, but we love her. In 2018, she will add even more to her well-crafted plate to travel back to her native United Kingdom with the aim to complete three challenges: 3 Peaks Victoria, the Fred Whitton Challenge (in the Lake District) and hopefully Chefs Cycle in the US.